Your Sinusitis May Be Causing Your Bad Breath

Do you frequently have stuffy nose when you wake up, alongside a throbbing headache and swelling around your eyes? There’s a huge chance that you have sinusitis. Infection of the sinuses could be very painful and inconvenient at times. While your doctor could prescribe you with medications for the common symptoms associated with sinusitis, bad breath is one symptoms that is often missed during diagnosis.

Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we’ve seen patients who have sinusitis and are suffering from bad breath. So what’s the connection? By and large, infection of the sinuses lead to the overproduction of mucus resulting to postnasal drip as the sinuses drain into the back of your throat and tongue. The bacteria in the mucus could result to bad breath. Sounds nasty, right?

Your Oral Health and Overall Health

Here at our practice, we educate our clients on the relationship between their oral health and their overall health. Apart from seeing your ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor regularly, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you chronically suffer from sinusitis. We can help you deal with bad breath and the toothache associated with sinusitis.

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