Snap-In Dentures in Warner Robins, Georgia


Denture Stabilization Is the Solution for Loose, Uncomfortable Dentures

Traditional dentures have many drawbacks. They provide only a fraction of natural chewing power, which limits what foods you can eat. Dentures require messy adhesive to try to keep them in place, yet they can still slip, move or fall out, causing embarrassment. Loose dentures can also result in painful sores on your gums.

Drs. Bhasin and Eyman solve these problems by stabilizing dentures with dental implants. Stabilizing dentures eliminates slipping, movement and bone loss. There is no more pain from nerve compression in the gums and no more embarrassment caused by dentures slipping or falling out. You’ll be able to laugh and speak with confidence and enjoy a more varied diet.


Snap-in dentures are completely stable in the mouth and provide more chewing power than regular dentures.

How Denture Stabilization With Dental Implants Works

The doctors place as few as two, but ideally four, implants per denture for this procedure. The implants are fitted with custom attachments that enable you to easily “snap” the dentures in and out of place, hence why they are referred to as “snap-in dentures.”

While they are easily removable, snap-in dentures stay firmly in place when they need to and provide around 60–70% of natural chewing power, compared to the mere 10% a normal denture gives.

If you have an existing denture you like, and it is in good enough condition, our doctors may be able to retrofit it to become a snap-in denture.

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