3 Oral Health Tips to Surviving the Cold and Flu Season

The Holidays are here and before we know it, the flu bug is here as well! Although getting a flu shot, getting enough rest, and consuming lots of fruits and vegetables are the key to preventing the colds and flu from invading your immune system, here at our Central Georgia dental practice we also recommend the following oral health tips to help you stay away from the nasty flu bug!

1. Stay hydrated to avoid your mouth from drying too much.

Dry mouth is common in colds and flu as you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose which could get really stuffy. Yet, did you know that dry mouth increases your risk of cavity and the proliferation of bacteria? So keep yourself hydrated to help increase saliva production.

2. Stick to your brushing and flossing routine no matter how tired you are.

When you’re sick, feeling really tired may hinder you from doing your usual oral hygiene routine. We understand how it’s tough to get sick but never ever skip your brushing and flossing routine for your teeth’s sake!

3. Sanitize your toothbrush or get a new one after a bout of flu and colds.

This will help you avoid the risk of getting yourself reinfected.

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