Real Patient Stories

Image of Dr. Bhasin in a consultation with a patient.
Portrait of a patient smiling.

“X-rays showed that all my teeth had black roots. They had become brittle and had started breaking off. My granddaughter recommended Dr. Bhasin.

“Dr. Bhasin was the best! He made me feel at ease, and I could talk freely to him about what I wanted for my dental implants. I like his personality and kindness. He is a good man.

“Also, he could not have a more caring staff. All of them were very helpful, courteous and attentive to my needs during all my visits in the office and after hours. They’re all number one!

“Getting the dental implants has made me feel more confident in talking and meeting others. Now, I have a beautiful smile, more confidence and can eat almost anything.”

Mary Louise
Portrait of a patient smiling.

“Dr. Bhasin and his team are very good at what they do and are very friendly. I’ve been coming to this practice since 1997, and I have had a lot of things done, but I’ve never had any pain. I highly recommend Dr. Bhasin. He is the best around.”

Portrait of a patient smiling.

“I had a bridge that was loose, and my dentist recommended Dr. Bhasin. The practice is neat, clean and organized, and the staff is very professional and courteous. The treatment plan was executed with precision accuracy; Dr. Bhasin was very detailed in his planning and execution. He is professional and good at his craft. I am pleased with the procedure and wish that I had done it sooner. I have a pretty smile now, and I highly recommend Dr. Bhasin to anyone.”

Portrait of a patient smiling.

“It is always a pleasurable experience to visit Dr. Bhasin’s office. The office is always orderly and extremely clean. I have always received a warm welcome when I check in, and time spent in the waiting area has always been reasonable.

“I have found interactions with staff members to be friendly and accommodating from the check-in to check-out. They all make certain that the patient understands all reasoning behind recommended procedures and explain all dental costs prior to rendering services.

“Dr. Bhasin is extremely professional and has a caring nature. He always states what procedures need to be done and why. Dr. Bhasin truly cares about his patients and often calls to follow up after a more in-depth procedure.

“I have been extremely pleased with my care from Dr. Bhasin and his staff and would happily recommend his office to family and friends. I feel so much happier with my smile as well as the health of my teeth and gums.”

Extractions, bone grafts & implants
Portrait of a patient smiling.

“Dr. Bhasin is so kind, gentle and shows that he really cares. He follows up to check on you, and his entire staff is wonderful. The implants have given me the best performance of my entire life.”

Extractions, sinus lift, bone graft & implants
Portrait of a patient smiling.

“Dr. Bhasin is so pleasant. He’s down to earth and a really nice guy! Everyone in the office is so friendly and polite, too. I receive a text message reminding me of my upcoming appointments.

“Dr. Bhasin brought my gum recession problem to my attention, and we did something about it! He used the Pinhole procedure; this is a scalpel-free, suture-free and graft-free treatment option for receding gums! It prevented me from losing my teeth or having to do other costly procedures. Best of all, I have no more ugly gum recession. I am forever grateful!”

Gum recession treatment with the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique

What Other Dentists Say About Dr. Vin Bhasin

Portrait of a doctor smiling.

“During my 25 years as an Air Force dentist, I was able to observe many different dentists and dental practices. I am extremely impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and current techniques of Dr. Bhasin. The staff is very efficient, knowledgeable and courteous. This is definitely a team practice! My dental treatment has been outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Bhasin and Central Georgia Periodontics & Dental Implants to anyone in need of periodontal treatment.”

Bernadette Arroyo-Kemp

“I have referred several implant patients to Dr. Bhasin and have seen excellent results. Two years ago, it was my turn to get an implant, and I chose him. This year I needed another implant to replace a molar that had decayed due to a health condition. Dr. Bhasin is an expert who performs outstanding work with quality and lasting results.

“The practice is well managed with very knowledgeable and well-trained assistants, hygienists and front desk staff. Dr. Bhasin has a very easygoing and relaxing manner. He explains everything well and obtains a very desirable result. I am so pleased with the implant and subsequent crown to get my ‘bite’ back.

“As a practicing dentist, it was a rewarding experience to have Dr. Bhasin perform the implant procedure, especially with no pain at all. Thank you for all my special treatment.”