When You Don’t Want to Wear Dentures…

Are you conscious about your missing teeth but you find dentures as an uncomfortable alternative? Dental implants at our Central Georgia dental practice may just suit you. Here’s a quick look as to how dental implants work.

By and large, dental implants are made of titanium, a metal which easily integrates with your existing jawbone. These implants are surgically attached to the jaw acting as an anchor for the replacement teeth. Below are the three phases of dental implant placement:

  • The first phase involves placement of the implant into the jawbone. Your dentist will recommend a soft food diet following placement to promote healing.

  • Osseointegration occurs during the second phase. This is the time when you have to wait for the implant to combine with the jaw bone and has completely integrated. For some patients, they may have to wait for the implant to fully integrate before the replacement teeth could be placed. In some cases, both the implant and replacement teeth could be placed in one visit.

  • If you decide to wait for the implant to combine with the jawbone and heal by itself, the last phase involves visiting your doctor for the crown (or tooth itself) to be placed. If you’re replacing more than a single tooth, the dentist may create a customized denture that will be fitted into the implants.

If you are interested about dental implants as a tooth replacement option, an initial consultation with your dentist should be in order. Call us at 478.923.0232 or fill out this contact request form to set up an initial consultation. We look forward to your visit!