How Frequent Green Tea Consumption Improves Oral Health

The health benefits of tea has been known for a long time now, with one study after another proving that regular consumption could actually lower down one’s risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. However, did you know that tea (whether green, black or white!) could actually help you promote excellent oral health? Read on while enjoying some tea!

Drink to your (gum) health!

Tea, specifically green tea, has been shown to reduce the occurrence of gum problems. A Japanese study revealed that daily consumption of a cup of green tea significantly reduced 3 indicators of gum disease: periodontal pocket depth, clinical attachment loss  of gum tissue, and bleeding on probing of the gum tissue. On the other hand, an Egyptian-based study also found out that gargling with green tea could actually reduce plaque formation through decreasing acidity levels. These positive findings are associated with the presence of catechins and polyphenols in green tea.

Other Oral Health Benefits

Apart from preventing gum problems, this study also figured out the following benefits of green tea to one’s oral health:

1. protection against bacteria-induced dental caries

2. prevent halitosis (bad breath) due to “modification of odorant sulfur components”

3. prevent malignant formation of cells found in the mouth which could lead to oral cancer

Choosing and Preparing Your Green Tea

With a lot of oral health products out there that are associated with green tea, consider going for the real deal. After all, real green tea contains antioxidants in its purest form. The more processed your tea, the lesser its antioxidant content.

To prepare your tea, choose tea leaves or tea bags rather than the powdered varieties. If possible, use filtered or spring water instead of regular tap water. Bring the water to a boil, allow for it to cool down for 3 minutes, and pour the leaves or tea bags. Let it steep for another  3 to 4 minutes.

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