Limit Alcohol Intake for Optimum Oral Health

Did you know that roughly 66 percent of Americans consume 4 drinks per week? While the occasional beer or wine is a healthy habit, 22 percent of Americans actually admitted that they seem to drink too much. Too much alcohol consumption has been associated with depression, obesity, and a variety of other health problems. You might be surprised to know that overdrinking could also lead to a host of oral health problems.  Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we highly encourage our clients to limit alcohol intake for their teeth’s sake!

Why Limit Alcohol Intake

  • Alcohol is acidic. Like sodas and fruit juices, wine and beer are very acidic. All those acid in your teeth could actually eat away your teeth’s enamel. In addition, the dryness caused by alcohol intake could also increase the acidity in your mouth.

  • Are you fond of sipping wines all night long at a party? You might want to lessen those sips as the sugar in those alcoholic drinks will only make your mouth struggle with the continuous supply of acid.

  • Staining is also common especially amongst wines and fruit-based alcoholic drinks.

  • This Nursing Times article cites that several experts associate alcohol abuse with cancers of the tongue, mouth, throat and lip amongst adults. The American Cancer Society even stated that “oral cancers are six times more common in alcohol users than in non-alcohol users. About 75% to 80% of all patients with oral cancer consume alcohol frequently. Smokers who also drink are at much higher risk.”

How to Take Care of Your Teeth While Consuming Alcohol

  • While having sips of wine, rinse your mouth with water in between. This will not only avoid staining but also decrease the acidity of your mouth at the same time.

  • Chew some sugarless gums to stimulate saliva production which can neutralize the acidity.

  • No matter which time you arrived home from a night of partying (and alcohol!), make it a point to brush your teeth.

  • If you drink almost every day, cut back a little each day. You might also want to take a break every other day.

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