Assembling Your Dental First Aid Kit

While there’s no need to rush in coming up with a zombie first aid kit for the next zombie apocalypse, you might want to start assembling your dental first aid kit now. Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we get a lot of dental emergency calls. While we aim to assist you as much as possible, having a dental emergency kit handy will surely work to your (or your teeth’s!) advantage.


We know how excruciating dental pain could be. The following items will help keep those toothache blues away!

  • Ice Pack – When there’s pain, there’s more likely to be swelling. You can reduce swelling through intermittent cold compress every 20 minutes.

  • Pain Medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

  • Eugenol, commonly known as clove oil, has been used by our ancestors to reduce dental pain. This study found out that clove oil could numb oral tissues well like benzocaine.

  • Floss or Toothpick – In some cases, toothache is caused by food stucked in your teeth hence a toothpick or a strand of floss could really help.

Chipped Tooth, Lost Crown, or Lost Filling

  • Dental Wax could be used to temporarily replace lost fillings or help with irritation brought about by chipped tooth.

  • Temporary Crown Cement and/or Material when you can’t come to the clinic right away.

  • Tweezers to properly replace a lost filling or when putting a loose crown back.

Other Dental Emergency Tools

  • Medical Gloves – This will prove useful if you’re not comfortable using your bare hands when doing something with your (or others) mouth. And it’s hygienic!

  • Mirror and Flashlight – Both are excellent tools to assist you in visualizing what’s really happening inside your mouth.

Dental Emergencies in Warner Robins, GA

It pays to have a dental emergency kit around as no one would know when a toothache will strike or if a crown suddenly falls off. Regular visits to your dentist will surely help you avoid dental emergencies in the future! Call us at 478.923.0232 or fill out this contact request form to set up an initial consultation. We look forward to your visit!