Why the Simple Habit of Flossing is Extremely Important

Flossing is quite a simple task in itself. Yet, most people tend to forget doing such simple habit. Here at the Central Georgia Periodontics & Dental Implants clinic, we want to make sure that you fully understand how the simple act of flossing could significantly change your oral health for the better.

Shall We Floss?

By and large, flossing removes the bacteria which accumulate after meals in between teeth. When left for a long time, the bacteria hardens which in turn becomes plaque and consequently, tartar. If tartar is left alone for a long time, it could cause bleeding and swelling of the gums. And if you still don’t give special attention to those poor swollen gums of yours, gum disease will most likely take over. Now, wouldn’t that be enough to motivate you to floss?

Which Floss to Choose?

With too many varieties of floss in the supermarket, you might wonder which one is perfect for you. Should you for the mint-flavored ones? How about choosing between the waxed and unwaxed varieties? While there are a lot of floss varieties to choose from, what’s important is actually building the habit of flossing itself. Afterwards, you can then choose the flavor and thickness of floss that will work best for you.

More Oral Health Instructions on Your Initial Visit at Our Clinic

An excellent oral hygiene is vital to optimum oral health. Visit the Central Georgia Periodontics and Dental Implants Center now if you’d like to know more about oral health instructions in Warner Robins.

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